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At Buutti, the programmer always comes first. We pay our programmers a competitive salary, which is comprised of a monthly salary and a bonus that’s based on hourly billing. The final salary depends on the project and customer in question, your experience and the general price level of the market.


38 000 SEK – 50 000 SEK /month

Senior programmer

50 000 – 80 000 SEK /month

Other benefits

Varying projects

We offer a variety of work in, for example, software development, management, and education. With our varying projects, you can constantly improve your skills and advance in your career.

Your choices matter

We listen to our employees. Your opinions have an effect on the work you’re offered, and you won’t be assigned to a project you have no interest in working on.

Career development

At Buutti, you have the opportunity to advance your career as a technical expert or a project manager, for example.

Fitness and massage benefits

Do you like hitting the gym or feel at home in the swimming pool? With our fitness benefit, you can stay in shape through exercise or loosen up your muscles with a massage.

Recreational events

We relax together on a regular basis by organizing recreational events for the whole company. You can join the weekly badminton sessions or take part in our LAN parties.  

Community knowledge and education

One of the base ideas behind our way of operating is to learn from each other and share our knowledge on technologies and such. You will have the support of our whole community behind you to learn the secrets of technology and improve your skillset.


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