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Buutti is a nordic IT house. Our developers will tackle any challenges you might have with your code. We excel in long and challenging projects within the fields of web and embedded systems software. Companies of all sizes and industries trust our developers to complete the job well.

“Good developers, 10/10.”

Laura Ek, Custobar

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Buutti’s Consultants in a Nutshell

Varied Experience

Our programmers have deep and varied experience in programming. They have completed challenging projects in different environments. Our consultants may have less experience than our competitors, but their expertise has been proven in customer projects.

High skill-level

Our programmers are exceptionally skilled. Our recruiting process is challenging, and only true masters of code make it through. Buutti’s consultants understand your software on a deeper level. You can safely give us your toughest challenge.

Smooth communication

What good are nice ideas if the programmer won’t say them out loud? Buuttians will speak their mind loud enough and soon enough. Adequate communication ensures there won’t be an accumulation of technical debt.

It’s just code, after all

Modern software development has many names, but in the end, it is just code. If the code doesn’t function properly, things are going to get expensive and frustrating. In a worst-case scenario, the situation will threaten information security.

If you trust Buutti with your code, your software will be steady as a rock. Our consultants always aim for the best long-term solution. They won’t give you high hopes and big promises about your future. Instead, they understand and create code exceptionally well.

Price–performance ratio

We don’t choose our developers based on their CVs but on their expertise. Their skills have been proven with programming challenges and technical interviews. On paper, our consultants might seem like middle-level developers. However, they produce senior-level code.

Our small organisation and agile methods keep our costs low. When you buy from Buutti, you’re not paying for middle management salaries or flashy TV commercials. You get some excellent code.

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