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Coronaria appointment scheduling system

Based in Oulu, Coronaria is one of Finland’s leading healthcare companies. Since early 2020, Buutti has been involved in the development of a scheduling system for appointments for Coronaria as well as other projects. You can find the scheduling system at

Coronaria is a part of Cor Group, which employs thousands of people all over Finland. The group includes multiple companies that create new services for improving and maintaining health and wellbeing.


Pharmac is a Finnish company founded in 2008. Pharmac’s core business is automated dose dispensing service, ADD. Pharmac also develops IT applications to automate the dispense process and various external applications to support their customers. Pharmac has over 100 employees and a market share about 40 % of end-users and over half of the pharmacies offering dose dispensing services in Finland. Easier everyday life for end-users, relatives and nurses and better medical safety have always been the goals of Pharmac.

Buutti and Pharmac have been cooperating since June of 2021. Software developer Erlin Hysenbelliu has been working on Pharmac’s ERP and OmaPro-mobile applications. Erlin has 10 years of experience in software development and his role has been stabilizing, optimising, and modernising Pharmac’s software as well as ironing out bugs.

There have been several technologies used in the project: some legacy, others modern. Erlin’s task has included moving the software to modern tech stacks and methods. The new technologies have included React.js, Node.js, TypeScript. Other technologies have been Microsoft SQL, TypeORM, Dapper and .NET Core APIs.

As a result, Pharmac’s applications run better and more securely. Stability has been improved and their processes have been documented better. Many processes have also been optimised to use significantly less resources.

Pharmac’s development process has been modernised overall, as Erlin has used his extensive experience on cloud platforms and web applications. Their whole CI/CD pipeline has been streamlined and moved to Azure DevOps.

FocalSpec Data Service -project

When you want the best possible results in manufacturing smartphone screens or medical packaging, the importance of quality control must not be underestimated. The human eye is not accurate enough, and lab tests are far too slow for the purpose of production line usage. FocalSpec, however, has a solution for this problem. They produce sensors, which can quickly confirm the faultlessness of the product without removing it from the assembly line. The patented Line Confocal Imaging -technology owned by FocalSpec achieves laboratory-level measurements at top speeds.

Accuracy is everything when it comes to FocalSpec’s equipment, which makes calibrating the equipment essential. Buutti created a program to control the data from FocalSpec devices’ Basic Acceptance tests and calibrations.

Our developers planned, executed, and tested the software. The technologies used were React, Express, Azure, and Docker. The testing was done with Jest and Enzyme.

HiQ web development project

Buutti and HiQ have worked together since the autumn of 2019 on a customer project of HiQ’s, developing a new web application. Our CTO Miikka Salmi has been a part of the project since the beginning and has been influential in the technologies and architecture used in it. Buutti has also been responsible for the backend development using Go, as well as improving the GitLab CI/CD process. Other technologies used in the project include Redis, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes, and Terraform. The cooperation has been very fruitful: HiQ has been an excellent choice as Buutti’s very first partner in the Helsinki metropolitan area!


“Sitowise is very pleased with the support and the commitment received from its partner Buutti. Their team is responsive, agile, able to find the right talent in the various business cases we are working on.”

Caverion web- and data analytics project

Caverion Oyj provides lifecycle solutions for both residential and industrial buildings in 11 countries with 16 000 employees. Their services cover the needs of all properties, ranging from HVAC to information technology as well as industrial automation.

Buutti has been a part of developing property management software for Caverion since the spring of 2020. Our consultant Pauli has developed both web- and data-analytics Full Stack using Azure. Other technologies used in the project include React and Node.

Roima Intelligence

Roima Intelligence is a Finnish company that provides supply chain solutions. Their combination of high-quality expertise and state-of-the-art software helps companies optimize their entire supply chain. Roima currently operates in three countries, and its 250 employees serve 300 clients.

Buutti and Roima have worked together since the beginning of 2021. The software consultants of Buutti have assisted a client of Roima in creating a two-way integration between the client’s ERP system and other software. Technologies used in the product so far include C#, SQL, SSIS, and REST API.

Tecinspire web project

Tecinspire is an Oulu-based software development company known for its high level of customer satisfaction. Buutti and Tecinspire used to be neighbors back when Buutti was still located in the offices of Kielo Growth. In addition to some good coffee-talk, we have also been able to coach each other on various subjects.

In the summer of 2020, the cooperation took a step further, when Buutti’s Joonas joined a Tecinspire’s customer project. Joonas participated in the project by planning and developing the ERP system, using Angular technology.

Teemu Kivioja from Tecinspire commented on the cooperation: “We’re very satisfied with Joonas’s work, and his contribution to the project was significant. Together, we were able to deliver an extensive ERP system on a very tight schedule. The client was very happy with it, and we can warmly recommend Buutti based on this experience!”

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