Open opportunities

In Finland, we have reached phenomenal growth: from four founders to 100 people in 5 years. This was made possible by our unique focus on software developer well-being.

Now we bring this great opportunity to Sweden. Join us to see just how good a developer’s job can get. Send us an application below, give us a call or send an email!

The requirements regarding know-how, competence, and technologies vary from project to project, as does the amount of required experience. Even if you can’t find anything suitable for you from the open positions listed below, you should still submit an open application. We might just have a project for you soon.



Best of both worlds

How often have you had to choose between a startup’s agility and a larger enterprise’s resources? In a startup, you have lots of power over the company’s decision-making and things happen fast. On the other hand, a big company is stable: there is lots of support and resources.

By joining Buutti Consulting Sweden AB, you get the best of both worlds. In our new office in Sweden, you have the freedom a startup offers. You can decide what kind of business we build. However, you won’t have to endure the risks that usually come with founding your own company. Our well-managed 100-person Finnish company will provide you with all the resources you will ever need.


At Buutti, you will join a team of passionate tech experts. In short, all of our employees are great at what they do. Our recruitment process emphasizes true technical know-how and passion for the industry. For us, programming is more than just a job: our developers enjoy tech stuff in their free time as well. In our team, we have retro-style game developers, Arduino hobbyists, 3D-modeling enthusiasts, and many sorts of musicians. Your coworkers can and will offer you help at work and in your free time.

As a Buuttian, your opinions will affect the projects you will be working on. Our top-notch sales team specializes in finding just the right project for you using their vast network of contacts. Most of our customers reside in Finland or Sweden, and having an international project is possible.

Contact us

Our email addresses are:

Matilda Mustakallio

Talent Acquisition Lead
+358 45 7832 9415

Mikko Koistinen

+358 40 066 3463

Our recruitment process

The recruitment process of Buutti is swift and smooth; you won’t have to wait for our answers for weeks on end. Fellow software developers evaluate your know-how and only the best can pass the process.

  1. Application on our website
    First off, tell us who you are, what you can do, and what kind of work are you looking for.
  2. Phone call
    Let’s get to know each other better. You can tell us about your work history in more detail. We would like to hear about your interests and your wishes towards Buutti. You’ll also get to hear more about working at Buutti, and we’ll make sure to answer any questions you may have.
  3. Technical interview
    In this interview, we’ll delve deeper into your expertise, and we might have some trickier questions for you. You’ll also get the opportunity to challenge us and find out whether you like the view that Buutti has on technology. Your know-how will be tested in practice as well with a coding assignment.
  4. Finding the right project
    You’ll meet with a sales manager, who will take care of finding you projects to choose from. At Buutti, you won’t be forced into boring projects.
  5. Welcome to Buutti!
    Time to put on your Buutti-hoodie and get down to business.

Salary calculator

See the relation between billing per hour and your total working hours at Buutti. 

Billing per hour:

Working hours:

Your salary:



At Buutti, your salary will be comprised of a monthly salary and a bonus that’s based on hourly billing. The final salary depends on the project and customer in question, your experience and the general price level of the market.


38 000 SEK – 50 000 SEK /month

Senior programmer

50 000 – 80 000 SEK /month


Buuttians have considerable benefits:

1.Wellness benefit

Do you like hitting the gym or feel at home in the swimming pool? With our wellness benefit, you can stay in shape through exercise or loosen up your muscles with a massage.

2. Health insurance & private pension insurance

Stuff happens, but our insurance policy makes sure you’ll be fine.

3. Four paid education and training days per year

You can use these to learn a new skill, get a scrum master license or update your knowledge of a programming language you know.

4. Six weeks of paid vacation per year

Close your work laptop and turn off your mobile phone. It is time to focus on the essential things in life.


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